Heartland Ephphatha Ministries
5509 W. 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Who We Are:
"Ephphatha" is an Aramaic word that means "to be opened". It is found in the 7th chapter of the Gospel of Mark, which tells the story of how Jesus put his fingers into the ears of a man who was Deaf and changed him into a physically hearing person. It is an event that shows the power of Christ in the world, and yet, Christ's power is not manifested in the actual event of hearing. It is manifested in the lives and hearts of people who have Open Hearts and lives, through Christ's action of grace and love, to the Son of God who brings Good News to all. The ministry of Heartland Ephphatha is known in the world through the
Open Hands and hearts of people who proclaim Christ in a language that is very different from that of spoken English. It is a language, a culture, a way of being that is vibrant, alive and growing in the Word and witness of Christ.

Why We're Here
Because Jesus ministered to, healed and brought forgiveness to all people and because every person should have the opportunity worship in their own language.

Our Mission
is to make worship, Bible study, and fellowship opportunities available to all people in South Dakota and Southwest Minnesota who are Deaf and hard of hearing and their hearing families and friends regardless of denomination or affiliation.

Our Purpose
is to reach the largest unreached people group in North America. Only about 2% of Deaf people have accept Christ as their Savior. Most Deaf people have never seen the Gospel presented to them in their own language. We help minister to Deaf believers so they can spread the Good News to others.

What We Do
We serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in South Dakota. Heartland Ephphatha is a Ministry of the people who are Deaf in South Dakota. It is:

Bible Study for the Deaf
Worship at Peace Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls in American Sign Language
Fellowship opportunities for the Deaf in a Christian setting